Heritage has paid out almost US$30 million in Savings and Educational Assistance Payments to support Bermuda’s children in pursuit of their post-secondary education dreams

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Heritage Education Funds International LLC. would like to welcome all students back to school. This is the time year when parents and families start thinking more about their child’s educational future, and how they can plan to afford a post-secondary education.

“The staggering reality is that our up and coming post secondary students are facing dramatically increasing costs” said Jason Maguire, President & Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Education Funds International. “Heritage has one premise – to help families save for their children’s post-secondary education in a safe and affordable way that ensures that they can support their children’s educational dreams and aspirations”.

Heritage Education Funds International has been in Bermuda for almost two and a half decades offering one of the highest performing, safest and most flexible education savings plan solutions. Since then, Heritage has enrolled over 7,000 Bermudian children and paid out almost US$30 million in education savings and educational assistance payments.  Year to date, approximately US$3.2 million has been paid out in savings and educational assistance payments to just over 800 Subscribers and Beneficiaries.

What sets the Heritage International Scholarship Trust Plan apart is not only the two and a half decades of proven expertise, but the assurance that Heritage International provides families in the safety of our Subscribers’ contributions which are invested in US Dollar denominated U.S. and Canadian government issued guaranteed and fixed-income securities. The plan offers a great degree of flexibility as education solutions are designed around each subscriber’s suitability and affordability. Another important highlight of the plan is that proceeds can to be used at any recognized college, university or other post-secondary institution worldwide, guaranteeing children the utmost in flexibility to seek out a variety of education pursuits.  The average net return on investment for students who received their last scholarship this year was 7.7%.

Heritage’s focus has always been about the future of Bermudian residents by providing subscribers with safe, flexible education savings investment options. All of us at Heritage Education Funds International would like to wish all the 2011 college and university students much success in their studies.

Those interested in more information about Heritage Education Funds International and education savings plans contact our Bermuda office at 296-8528 or 295-3868., or e-mail charles_jeffers@heritageesp.com.  Visit our website at www.heritageesp.com .

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