Bermuda CableVision announces technology and services upgrade

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Bermuda CableVision has today announced plans to expand its pay-per-view offer to customers by introducing several new digital television services in the near future.

The new, advanced services will enable customers to gain instant access to a wide variety of paid – as well as free – programming options, including more HDTV, 3D TV content, additional pay-per-view services and a range of subscription capabilities that will enhance their premium channel experience. Customers will be able to choose from a wide array of movies, popular network programming, special events and concerts, sports, music and entertainment, including several interactive karaoke channels.  A significant amount of content will be made available free of charge. Moreover, all of CableVision’s digital home communications terminals will be given the added capability of performing like a DVR, so customers can pause, fast-forward or rewind live TV. All these services will come with the added convenience of being accessible to subscribers at the touch of their remote control devices.

Introduction of the new services is part of CableVision’s ongoing commitment to bringing its customers an ever-growing choice of digital entertainment options. The new additions will be made possible due to significant investments the company has made in the technologies and equipment necessary to provide the services.

Terry Roberson, general manager, explains: “Television as we used to know it has been undergoing profound transformations, as customers are eager for more options, a larger selection of content, and access to new technologies like 3D TV. A significant trend is that of enabling consumers to view content on their schedules. In our many ‘Saturday with the GM’ meetings, we have heard our customers express their interest in these services, and we have stepped up our investments in new technology to be able to give them what they want. It is an exciting time in television, and our goal is to make sure our customers can take full advantage of the new entertainment opportunities that are arriving.”

Terry Roberson, General Manager, Bermuda CableVision

To prepare for the expansion of its pay-per-view services, CableVision has been upgrading its network operations centre to include an advanced video-on-demand platform with enhanced two-way communications capabilities so that customers can interact with CableVision via their remotes. The company has been working on these projects for several months, and today the equipment and software are being installed at the company’s Laffan Street premises.

CableVision plans a progressive roll-out of the new services, as the corresponding technologies are deployed and tested. “Our goal is to bring out the first of these new services in the near future,” says Terry Roberson. “We will be unveiling more details about our launch plans in the coming weeks.”

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