AFL Investments partners with BPPA to launch photography lifetime achievement award

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AFL, in partnership with Bermuda Professional Photographic Association (BPPA), today announces the launch of the AFL Prism Award, the first-ever lifetime achievement award for Bermuda-based professional photographers.

The announcement of the first winner and the inaugural presentation of the AFL Prism Award will be made at a special ceremony to be held on November 19 at Masterworks Museum
of Bermuda Art.  Representatives of the arts and photographic communities in Bermuda have been invited to attend the event and celebrate the success of a professional photographer in demonstrating true mastery in the medium throughout his or her lifetime.

Graeme Outerbridge from BPPA, says: “Bermuda Professional Photographic Association decided to partner with AFL Investments to launch this unique platform for recognising the lifetime achievements of truly brilliant photographers in Bermuda. As a photograph immortalizes an instant, the AFL Prism Award is intended to cast a spotlight onto individuals,
whose vision and commitment to their craft is deserving of public recognition.”

Cindy Campbell, Chief Operating Officer of AFL Investments, says: “We are proud to act as the principal sponsor for AFL Prism Award. We chose to support this exciting initiative because AFL Investments shares both the brand identity and vision of the Prism Award. We are represented by a prism as our logo and, in the same way that a prism refracts light, our team of investment advisors and financial planners shed a new objective light on the finances of our clients.”

The aims and objectives of the Prism programme were harnessed by the design team in creating the award itself as a statuesque cut-glass trophy, which bends light and colour to create an object of beauty.

The debut winner was selected solely by the BPPA as the epitome of what the AFL Prism Award is designed to embody. Going forward, it is intended that the winner of this annual award will be chosen by a panel of judges comprising representatives of the BPPA, along with AFL Investments and Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.


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