AES given the green light to install phase two of Gorham’s photovoltaic solar energy system

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Alternative Energy Systems (Bermuda) Ltd. (AES) today announces it has been given approval by Gorham’s True Value Home Centre to complete the second installation of the photovoltaic solar energy system to generate electricity at its store in Pembroke. The second phase of installation will consist of an additional 86 kilowatts of capacity that combined with the 16 kilowatts from the first phase to equal 102 kilowatts.

Gorham’s General Manager Andrew Mackay says: “We completed the pilot phase of installation in September and we have been really happy with it. We’ve already seen some savings in electricity cost and now that BELCO is seeking to raise commercial electricity rates on average by 5 per cent per year for the next three years, we decided to move ahead with phase two.”

With 102 kilowatts of capacity, Gorham’s photovoltaic system will generate more than
13,000 kilowatt hours of energy per month. At today’s energy rates, that is over $5,000 of electricity per month, or $60,000 per year, which means the system will pay for itself in seven years. Environmentally this will save 2.8 million tons of carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions from entering Bermuda’s atmosphere. It’s the emission of CO2 that is a major contributor to global warming.

Tim Madeiros, AES CEO and founder says: “I am so pleased to be moving forward on
the second phase of Gorham’s installation. I commend Gorham’s for taking control of their energy costs and owning their own power, and I hope they will inspire other companies to do the same, especially as electricity costs continue to rise.”

Gorham’s will continue to build upon the system until it reaches a total capacity of 160 kilowatts. Upon completion, the 160 kilowatt system will save Gorham’s approximately $105,000 a year on electricity bills based on the current cost of electricity. In addition, over the 25-year warranty period, the photovoltaic system will save almost 4.5 million pounds of CO2 emissions.

Named in 2011 by Bermudian Business as the “One to Watch” for innovation and forward thinking in the solar energy market, AES manages all aspects of a photovoltaic project in-house to ensure a cost-effective and seamless solution for its
clients. In addition to Mr. Madeiros, the AES team is comprised of Project Manager Earl Wescom and Technician Armindo Ferreira.

For more information, visit AES online at

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