Argus Walks the Walk raises nearly $30K for 95 charities

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 The Argus Walks the Walk with The Centre on Philanthropy Charity 5K that took place on February 26 attracted a record-breaking 1,061 registrations and raised $28,736 in support of 95 local charities and For the third consecutive year, the Argus Group partnered with The Centre on Philanthropy for the event, which is a unique fundraiser where participants choose the charity they want to support in the walk.

Gerald Simons, President of the Argus Group (far right) and Pamela Barit Nolan, Executive Director of The Centre on Philanthropy (far left) with representatives of some charities that benefited from the event.

 The ten charities generating the most support at the event were: Warwick Academy Foundation; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Bermuda Alumnae Chapter; P.A.L.S.; WindReach Bermuda; Bermuda Gymnastics Association; Raleigh International Bermuda; Bermuda Volleyball Association; Tomorrow’s Voices – Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre; Bermuda Scout Association; and Ocean Support Foundation.

In addition, $5,305 was raised ($5 from each entry fee) in support of run by The Centre on Philanthropy. The site is Bermuda’s online one-stop shop for volunteering that enables members of the community to search for activities which suit their interest and availability. There are over 130 organisations that use the site to recruit and manage volunteers.

A myriad of causes were represented on the day including animal protection, arts and culture, children’s issues, education, environmental issues, healthcare, hunger, historical preservation, substance abuse support, family services, seniors, recreation and sports.

 Pamela Barit Nolan, Executive Director of The Centre on Philanthropy, says: “We are thrilled that this community walk has been embraced by nonprofits and their supporters.  This year’s event attracted over 50 per cent more walkers – a good indication that this is a welcome addition to the community’s annual calendar.  The Centre, in an effort to assist our smaller nonprofits, held a special ‘Lunch and Learn’ that provided tips to organisations on how to maximise benefits from Walk the Walk including mobilising staff, board members, volunteers and donors to participate and raise funds and awareness. We are grateful to Argus for their sponsorship of this event and to each walker that participated and showed their support both to their chosen organisation and the community as a whole.”

Gerald Simons, President of the Argus Group, says: “We are really pleased that the Argus Walks the Walk with The Centre on Philanthropy Charity 5K is fast becoming one of the most popular fundraising walks in Bermuda. The concept of letting individual walkers decide which charity to support is a strong one; it means that some of the lesser known and smaller charities can benefit without having to cover the overheads of organising their own fundraising event. Argus is delighted to have helped to support so many local charities again this year.”

A number of prizes were presented to key supporters of the Argus Walks the Walk with The Centre on Philanthropy following the event. Deloitte received the award for the largest corporate team to take part in the event with 45 walkers; Warwick Academy, celebrating its 350th anniversary this year, scooped up the prize for the largest youth team with its 66 participants; and The Reading Clinic was recognised as the team with the most spirit.

Argus Walks the Walk with The Centre on Philanthropy took place over a fully marshalled route, which started and finished on Wesley Street, home to both the Argus Building and The Centre on Philanthropy.  We encourage all participants to mark February 24, 2013, in their calendars now and to start thinking about ways to encourage more supporters to come out next year!

 To see pictures of the walk you can go to The Centre’s Facebook page at

Charity testimonials

Raleigh International

“This year’s Argus Walks the Walk experience was great for Raleigh Bermuda – we went from a total of 12 walkers last year to 42 walkers this year! We definitely maximized our benefits and had fun doing it.  Social media played a big part in the increased amount of support and we encouraged people daily to walk for Raleigh. We got out there to spread the word and increased our charity’s awareness. Everyone who supported us received a free Raleigh t-shirt and temporary Raleigh tattoos. This was a great incentive and also a great way of showing team spirit. Along with the t-shirt and tattoos; we were ready bright and early on Sunday morning handing out whistles and other noise makers encouraging people to show their team spirit and to make the walk more enjoyable. We are extremely pleased with the increased amount of support we received and our hard work was well worth it! We even had a dog sporting a Raleigh t-shirt! Raleigh International Bermuda would like to thank all who supported us in this year’s Argus Walks the Walk. It was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Bermuda Gymnastics Association

“I am one of the coaches at the Bermuda Gymnastics Association. We are so pleased to hear that Bermuda Gymnastics had so many supporters at Argus Walks the Walk! When we learned of the event and how proceeds from registration went towards the participant’s charity of choice, we encouraged all of our athletes to sign up as well as to ask any family members or friends to participate as well. We always encourage our athletes to be the spokespeople and voices for the association. It not only gives them experience to talk about their sport and what they are training for, but it also helps raise awareness of the BGA from a very personal level.

When we arrived at the event on Sunday, it was a welcome surprise to see how many people had signed up in support of the BGA. The walk itself was a great experience for our athletes to get together outside of practice and have a good time, some of the girls even ran the course!

The BGA is currently preparing to host the first ever International Gymnastics Competition on March 31 at our St. David’s Gymnasium. We are also getting ready to host the Island Games Competition in 2013. Needless to say, any money that is raised for the association is going towards providing our athletes with the best training equipment possible and to present a top-of-the-line venue for both of these competitions.

Thank you again for hosting such a great event!”

Chewstick Foundation

“The benefit of Argus Walks the Walk is tremendous and far beyond any financial reward, although it is nice to receive donations from the event as well.”


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