AFL Investments offers free financial training to company employees

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AFL Investments today announces that it is offering companies free financial planning ‘Lunch & Learns’ to be delivered to their employees to help them reach financial independence. The courses are facilitated by wealth managers from AFL Investments.

AFL Investments has developed a number of one-hour education courses that offer general guidance regarding financial and investment planning, which can be offered as a complete series or employers can select particular sessions to be delivered to their employees during their lunch break.

The core seminars on offer are: Financial Planning, Budgeting, Investing 101, Building a Better Portfolio and Retirement Planning. In addition, AFL Investments can also create customised seminars upon request such as ‘Women & Wealth’ to suit the demographics of the company’s workforce.


An example of key topics covered in the financial planning sessions include: understanding your needs and goals, current net worth and cash flow, capital accumulation and growth, asset allocation, contingency planning, estate planning and retirement planning.

Cindy Campbell, Chief Operating Officer of AFL Investments, says: “We have designed these free courses to help employers pass on added value to their employees in this competitive environment where attracting and retaining talent is imperative. Helping employees develop sustainable financial plans is one of the most enduring and valuable benefits a company can provide to its employees.

Cindy Campbell, Chief Operating Officer, AFL Investments

“The seminars are designed to help employees understand the various focus areas that have to be addressed to achieve financial wellness. Employees can undertake planning on their own or one of our qualified financial planners can work individually with a person to create a personal financial road map. Anyone who attends one of our seminars is eligible for a free 30-minute no obligation review session.

“We have already delivered the courses to a number of large employers in Bermuda as part of a test phase and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Financial Planning is a service, not a product, and AFL Investments has a fiduciary responsibility to provide unbiased information and planning strategies. AFL Investments is unique in Bermuda in that it does not require an individual to be an investor with the company in order to arrange for a comprehensive financial plan.

To reduce the administrative burden of offering these courses, AFL Investments will provide and manage customised email invitation and reminders for the sponsoring company. To arrange a course for your company, ask a Human Resources representative to contact Theresa Santos on AFL Investments on 294-5737 or email:

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