Tourism Board Chairman responds to Gaming Questions

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Further to questions received pertaining to the recently announced
referendum on gaming, Tourism Board Chairman The Hon. Maxwell Burgess, JP

CoCo Reef hotelier John Jefferis


“The Tourism Board continues to support the matter of legalized
gambling in Bermuda. The specific views of the individual members of the
Tourism Board are currently being sought prior to a more comprehensive


“I have asked the Deputy Chairman of the Tourism Board, John
Jefferis, who heads up the Gaming Sub-Committee, to further enumerate, through
additional research, the positive advantages that could accrue to tourism,
including, as expeditiously as possible, obtaining the opinion of a variety of
qualified hotel developers with reference to the possible increase in their
interest in investing in hotel developments in Bermuda as a result of the
introduction of gaming to the island.


“There is no doubt that a major advantage of gaming is that it
is a non-weather related activity and could have a positive effect on winter



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