CableVision launches 15 Mb and 25 Mb internet service

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Bermuda CableVision today introduced two new Broadband Link Internet services, with speeds of up to 15 Mb and 25 Mb, respectively. Both are available island-wide and are the fastest speeds offered to date by Bermuda CableVision.

Terry Roberson, General Manager, Bermuda CableVision

“Power users, families in connected homes with numerous devices, geeks, gamers and anyone who craves more speed, will appreciate these new Broadband Link services,” says Terry Roberson, General Manager of Bermuda CableVision. “These speeds enable users to do all the things they enjoy online, even if the entire household is engaged in activity at the same time. Whether it’s downloading movies and music, exchanging photos and video, using online applications, streaming video or navigating the web at lightning speed, it’s a new day in Bermuda and we’re excited to be a part of it!”

Jake Simon, Bermuda CableVisions’s Chief Technology Officer, adds: “This is a milestone for us and it is very good news for an important group of our customers. However, CableVision is in a position to offer even faster broadband speeds. With the deployment of our recent technology upgrades, we have been testing – and obtaining – speeds in excess of 150 Mb over high-speed cable modems.”

Very high speeds in this range are increasingly in demand among Internet users, whose broadband needs continue to grow.  The new speeds are targeted at customers who want to enjoy faster browsing of the worldwide web; accelerated downloading of documents, photographs, videos and other large files; streaming video; online videoconferencing with friends and family; online gaming, including multi-player games; and any applications which are highly interactive.

Bermuda CableVision’s new Broadband Link high-speed Internet services are being offered over the company’s advanced, fibre-based network. Customers are invited to contact their local ISP regarding their pricing and service offerings. The new 15 and 25 high-speed services require the use of a new CISCO DOCSIS 3.0 modem, which can be purchased from Bermuda CableVision at an affordable price, and in some instances subscribers may need to upgrade their home router for these higher speeds.

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