Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre announces poster competition winners

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Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, in conjunction with its sponsor, the Argus Group, today announce the winners of its ‘Don’t Start – Be LungSmart’ smoking prevention poster competition.

Back row (L-R): Maria McLeod-Smith, Customer Services Team Manager, the Argus Group; Rhonda Smith-Simmons, Education Officer, Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre; John Doherty, Executive Vice President – Property & Casualty, the Argus Group
Front Row (L-R): Gabriella Botelho (Hon. Mention), Ashley Soares (Hon. mention), Sanjie Trimm (Hon. mention), Iannah Caines (Winner), Cree Dunn (Winner), Cailey Longworth (Winner), Justin Stovell (Hon. mention), Tamia Burgess (Hon. Mention), Cassandra Daponte (Hon. mention).

The competition, targeted at Primary 6 students (or equivalent in private schools), was intended to complement the existing LungSmart programme in schools. The goal of the LungSmart programme is to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking, to reduce the number of school children who decide to start smoking and to encourage those who already smoke to become tobacco-free.

Through the process of designing posters carrying anti-smoking messages, students learned about the dangerous chemicals in cigarettes and that smoking is addictive and associated with numerous health problems. These key messages will then be further disseminated by the winning posters when they are distributed for display in schools across the island.

The winners selected by Argus for the most imaginative representation of the theme in their posters were Cree Dunn from Harrington Sound Primary School, Cailey Longworth from Mount Saint Agnes Academy and Iannah Caines from The Bermuda High School for Girls. Each of the winners received a $100 personal gift certificate and a $250 art supplies gift certificate for their school.

Honourable mentions were also granted to the entries submitted by Justin Stovell, Ashley Soares and Sanjie Trimm, all Mount Saint Agnes Academy students, Gabriella Botelho from The Bermuda High School for Girls, and Cassandra Daponte and Tamia Burgess from Harrington Sound Primary School. These entries will be displayed on Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre’s website:

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer, the Argus Group, says: “Reaching out to children through an anti-smoking campaign is an important undertaking. Smoking leads to a host of health issues which concern Argus as one of the island’s leading health insurance providers. For this reason, we were delighted to support Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre’s LungSmart poster competition. Argus funds a number of prevention programmes as we believe that education is the cure for many of our community’s ills.”

Rhonda Smith-Simmons, Education Officer, Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, says: “The beauty of this ‘Don’t Start – Be LungSmart’ competition is that it enables children to actively learn about the dangers of smoking as well as other personal and social reasons for deciding not to smoke, while they develop their creative skills in designing a poster. Furthermore, as the campaign posters are designed by children to be seen by their peers, we ensure that the posters are age-appropriate and engaging so that they help the anti-smoking message to really hit home.”

The winning posters will be displayed for public viewing in the lobby of the Argus building at 14 Wesley Street in Hamilton from today until December 4.

As part of the LungSmart programme to discourage children from smoking, Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre provides interactive presentations to Yr. 6 and Middle School students throughout the island.

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