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Photo (left to right): Matt Walker, Air Care; Craig Stevenson, Air Care; Buddy Waters, Johnson Controls; Robert Plant, Air Care; and Joao Violante, Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls, the global leader in building efficiency, today announced that it has appointed Air Care as the Authorised Building Control Specialist (ABCS) for Bermuda.

As the ABCS for Johnson Controls Building Efficiency in Bermuda, Air Care will promote, sell, install and provide local support for Johnson Controls products. Air Care will have direct access to the equipment, pricing and technical specifications for all Johnson Controls products, allowing the company to deal more efficiently and provide current information to its clients on pricing and inventory availability.

Johnson Controls delivers products, services and solutions that increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs in buildings. It is a leading provider of equipment, controls and services for heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration and security systems and has had a presence in Bermuda for decades.

Craig Stevenson, Manager of Business Development & Sales for Air Care says, “While we have worked with Johnson Controls for many, many years and it’s exciting to be now appointed as the official Authorised Building Control Specialist for Bermuda. We take a truly consultative approach with our clients and we believe that this new relationship with Johnson Controls will enable us to further expand our capability as a building controls specialist on the island, while offering better value to our clients. We look forward to partnering with Johnson Controls for many more years.”

Gary Brimmage, Vice President and Managing Director for Johnson Controls Latin America says, “Awarding the Johnson Controls Bermuda distributorship to Air Care reflects increased sales of our products over time. We are confident that Air Care will provide the highest standards of competence and workmanship that clients have come to expect both from Air Care and Johnson Controls in this important market.”

Matt Walker, a former Johnson Controls employee, will lead Air Care’s expertise in Johnson Controls solutions as Manager of the Building Automation Division at Air Care. He will continue to offer advice to clients in addition to working on the building automation project for the new hospital, which was awarded to Johnson Controls and Air Care.

Johnson Controls will be providing Air Care with factory training and promotes the training of specialists by their partners to ensure delivery of services at the highest level to their customers. Air Care is committed to training Bermudians to ensure continuity of quality services to Bermuda.

Air Care will use the Johnson Controls Metasys® building automation system to ensure that building systems such as air conditioning, chilled water pumps, lighting, generators, information technology, integrated card access, security and fire safety operate together in harmony. Clients can even add software and wireless capabilities to coordinate and organise the information so it can be controlled where and when it is needed.

Craig Stevenson adds. “Johnson Controls develops extremely efficient quality products, services and solutions to optimise energy and operational efficiencies. We’re excited to be able to provide such energy efficient products to our clients and look forward to showing them how they can further reduce their energy consumption and make life easier.”

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