CableVision presents awards and donations to Bermuda’s community builders

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Bermuda CableVision made three award presentations and six donations last night to those individuals and organisations that have made special contributions to building Bermuda’s rich heritage with its many international influences at its eighth annual ‘Salute to Service’ Banquet held at The Fairmont Southampton.

The presentation of $10,000 donations to feeding programmes. From left: Dr. Jeffrey Brown, President of the Bermuda Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Church; Alan Smith, Assistant General Manager, Bermuda CableVision; Mike Jones, Plant Manager, Bermuda CableVision; Terry Roberson, General Manager, Bermuda Cablevision; Rollin Nathan, Sales Manager, Bermuda CableVision; Rev. Musa Daba, Anglican Church of Pembroke (The Salvation Army is not pictured).

Andrea Moniz-DeSouza and Susan Moore-Williams were honoured for their leadership in this regard as Presidents of Vasco da Gama Club and The West Indian Association (Bermuda) respectively, with Bermuda CableVision Community Service Awards, which are presented each quarter by the company. Both winners received a $2,000 donation from Bermuda CableVision to support their ongoing activities. Bermuda Sloop Foundation was also recognised with the annual Rollin Nathan Community Award and received a $1,000 donation for the development opportunities it provides to hundreds of young Bermudians from all social and economic backgrounds.

In addition, Bermuda CableVision made a surprise announcement on the night of $10,000 donations to the Anglican Church of Pembroke, Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church and The Salvation Army, in support of their feeding programmes for those in need.

The CableVision banquet themed ‘Unity in Diversity’ saw various international consulates and associations operating on the island provide a unique multi-cultural entertainment programme for over 500 guests including H.E. Mr. George Fergusson, Governor and Commander-in-Chief; the Hon. Craig Cannonier, JP, MP, Premier of Bermuda; the Hon. Patricia Gordon Pamplin, JP, MP, Minister of Health and Seniors; the Hon. R Wayne Scott, JP, MP, Minister of Community and Cultural Development; the Hon. Trevor Moniz, JP, MP, Minister of Works; Mr. Robert Settje, U.S. Consul General; and Senator Alexis Swan, JP, Junior Minister of Community and Cultural Development.

The entertainment programme included performances by Bermuda Islands Pipe Band, John Woolridge, Joy T. Barnum, The Bermuda Pequots Community Dancers, The Bollywood Dancers, The Portuguese Folk Dancers, The Hispanic Association, The Filipino Dancers, Bermuda Donquilli: African Dancers, Island Rhythm and Ming Mambo. The evening began with a Parade of Nations featuring the flags of countries represented in Bermuda and the keynote speech was delivered by Sir John Swan.

Terry Roberson, General Manager of Bermuda CableVision, says: “Achieving unity in diversity in Bermuda doesn’t occur automatically. As members of this community we all have a part to play in strengthening the social fabric of our island and ensuring a quality of life is sustained for all, regardless of origin or background. Our latest Bermuda CableVision Community Service Award winners have taken this responsibility to new heights and for this reason they are thoroughly deserving of this accolade for their work.”

H.E. Mr. George Fergusson, Governor and Commander-in-Chief, says: “I send my warm congratulations to those honoured by Bermuda CableVision at its ‘Salute to Service’ event. This year’s theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’ is especially relevant in Bermuda as our population embraces a wide mix of origins, nationalities and ethnicities. From discovery by Juan de Bermudez in 1505, through settlement by Sir George Somers and the survivors of the wreck of the Sea Venture in 1609, through the arrival of Africans, slave and free after that, through the migration of the Portuguese in the 1840s and the West Indians at the end of the 19th Century, Bermuda has been, and continues to be, home to a wide range of cultures.”

The Hon. Craig Cannonier, JP, MP, Premier of Bermuda, says: “The cultural diversity of Bermuda is certainly something we should celebrate. The many international influences present on the island mean a wealth of ideas are brought to the table and ideas are vital to our progress as a nation. I am grateful to Andrea, Susan and the team at Bermuda Sloop Foundation for their strides in pushing forward the diversity agenda and I am pleased that they are receiving the credit they are owed through Bermuda CableVision’s award programme.”

The event also celebrated last year’s Bermuda CableVision Community Service Award winners: John Drew, Chairman, Crime Stoppers Bermuda; Ellen Douglas, Executive Director, HOPE Homes; and Jacqueline Browne, Executive Director, St. John Ambulance. Many of the Bermuda CableVision Community Service Award winners from previous years, representing a vast array of good causes, were in attendance as well.


Andrea Moniz-DeSouza
Mrs. Moniz-DeSouza joined the executive board of Vasco da Gama Club in 2009 and in 2011 she became its first female President. The club on Reid Street in Hamilton is widely recognised as a focal point on the island for the Portuguese Bermudian community. The club’s remit includes organising social gatherings, sporting events, sponsoring educational scholarships and sharing the Portuguese culture and language with the Bermudian community. The club is responsible for Portuguese School of Bermuda, a registered charity, which delivers Portuguese language lessons to children. One of the club’s newest initiatives is promoting the teaching of the Portuguese language to adults in Bermuda and this year it will move forward with a language programme for adults at Bermuda College.

Terry Roberson, General Manager, Bermuda Cablevision, presents a Bermuda CableVision Community Service Award to Andrea Moniz-DeSouza, President of Vasco da Gama Club, joined by other members of her Executive Committee.

Susan Moore-Williams
Ms. Moore-Williams has been an integral part of the management committee of The West Indian Association (WIA) since 2002. The association runs numerous projects aimed at promoting a better understanding of Bermuda’s cultural and historic ties to the Caribbean region. The organisation also has enhanced this relationship through activities such as “Caribbean Day” held on October 6, 2012, in Victoria Park, in partnership with the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs. The WIA has also joined forces with the Government of Bermuda and other community organisations in fundraising initiatives when natural disasters have affected countries in the Caribbean region, such as the “To Haiti with Love Telethon” in March 2010. Currently the WIA is focused on fundraising in order to enhance its capacity to do more in Bermuda and the West Indies. Its main project for the year ahead is the establishment and maintenance of an education scholarship for persons born or living in Bermuda of Caribbean heritage.

Bermuda Sloop Foundation
Bermuda Sloop Foundation delivers ocean sail training in the most inspiring and dynamic of classroom environments, the 118-foot purpose-built ship, Spirit of Bermuda. The charity’s character development programme not only allows youth to explore careers in the maritime industry, but also exposes them, through hands-on experiential learning, to the practical side of their academic studies like math, geography and science, and to critical life skills such as responsibility, accountability, teamwork, resilience, self-confidence, pride and courage. This unique experience also raises young people’s environmental, cultural and historical awareness of Bermuda at a very impressionable age.



The Hon. Craig Cannonier, JP, MP, Premier of Bermuda pictured with Susan Moore-Williams, President, The West Indian Association (Bermuda), winner of a Bermuda CableVision Community Service Award and other members of her Management Committee.

Bermuda CableVision Community Service Award
A committee reviews all nominations and selects a winner for the quarterly CableVision Community Service Award.  The committee is comprised of CableVision employee Rollin Nathan; De Fontes radio host Shirley Dill; police media manager Dwayne Caines; and community activist Cromwell Shakir.  Bermuda CableVision will present its next Community Service Award in April 2013 and invites the public to nominate any individual residing in Bermuda who has shown outstanding community service through participation in a school, church or charity organisation, or through their own determination.  Nominations can be sent via e-mail to Rollin Nathan at, or mailed to the attention of Rollin Nathan, Bermuda CableVision, P.O. Box 1642, Hamilton, HM GX. For further information, visit



Rollin Nathan, Sales Manager, Bermuda CableVision, presents The Rollin Nathan Community Award to Bermuda Sloop Foundation.

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