Argus partners with Bermuda Heart Foundation to expand Jump 2b Fit in 2013

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The Argus Group today announces that it will be the title sponsor of the fifth annual Jump 2b Fit campaign that is being organised by Bermuda Heart Foundation. With Argus sponsorship, this year’s Jump 2b Fit campaign has been expanded to include a weekend of wellness.

The weekend events begins on February 23 at 1pm at BUEI with a free screening of “JUMP!”, a documentary which follows competitive jumpers from the United States as they participated in a national competition, and ends with the Argus Walks the Walk 5K event, in partnership with The Centre on Philanthropy, on Sunday, February 24.  Space is limited for the screening so booking in advance is encouraged by calling Sionna Barton at 232-2673.

The Jump 2b Fit campaign will kick off with an invitation-only afterschool showcase on Thursday, February 28, at the Bermuda College Gymnasium and will feature the Comet Skippers, from Mason, Ohio, famed for their inspiring and award-winning jump rope displays.  The campaign also includes a presence at the 75th Agricultural Exhibition in April and Bermuda representation at the World Jump Rope Championship and Camp being held in July 2013 in Orlando, Florida.

Free Jump 2b Fit workshops, delivered by trainers from the Comet Skippers, will take place at Somersfield Academy gymnasium for middle school and elementary school students. Students should register through their school. There is also a free community workshop on Saturday, March 2 from 9am until 1pm at the same venue. Pre-registration is not required for the public event but places are limited to 150.

The Jump 2b Fit recreation-based curriculum introduces children of all ages and abilities to a structured jump rope programme that teaches nutrition, fitness and health and cultivates lifelong habits that result in strong bones and prevent obesity and certain other diseases.  Jump rope engages every muscle in the body and helps to develop athletic features such as coordination, agility, speed and balance, especially during puberty.

Michelle Brock Jackson, Executive Vice President – Group Health, the Argus Group, says: “Argus is pleased to support this year’s Jump 2b Fit initiative where the emphasis has been placed on improving the level of fitness of children in our schools.  Sadly, the rates of childhood obesity, diabetes and heart disease in Bermuda show how little they move and Jump 2b Fit is a highly effective, educational programme that inspires young people to exercise and look after their heart health. Heart disease remains one of Bermuda’s biggest killers, responsible for one in every three fatalities, and at Argus we advocate preventative healthcare and healthy, active children.”

Sionna Barton, Marketing & Development Manager, Bermuda Heart Foundation, says: “Jump 2b Fit is a lively, interactive programme that helps people understand that their heart is a muscle and, like any other, it requires exercise to maintain its performance. Jump rope is a great way to put your heart through its paces as it is cost-effective and flexible so it can be easily slotted into the busiest of schedules. It is also progressive in that you can develop your skills towards the most complex of patterns, giving you a reason to keep up the good work. We are grateful for the support of Argus in helping us to reach more people each year with this important message.”

During the workshops, participants will learn about proper rope measurement, partner jumping and jump rope techniques and games.  Two jump rope trainers will specifically focus on training local physical education teachers and sports coaches, in order to promote the continuation of jump rope throughout the entire school year.

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