Jump 2b Fit wow the crowds at 2013 Agricultural Exhibition

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The crowds at the 75th Agricultural Exhibition were this morning wowed by the Jump 2B Fit team, sponsored by Bermuda Heart Foundation and the Argus Group.

The team comprising of the Somerfield Academy Stars and three jump rope professionals from the U.S.: five-time Grand National Champion and 2006 World Champion, Nick Woodard; Overall Male Champion at the 2012 World Jump Rope, L.J. LaVecchia; and two-time United States National, Grand National Champion and World Champion, Shaun Hamilton; performed complex jump rope routines in the lower ring at the exhibition.

While they are in Bermuda, the Jump 2B Fit pro-jumpers will also visit Warwick Academy, Northlands, Saltus and Francis Patton on Monday (April 22) and Mount Saint Agnes, Clearwater Middle School and Harrington Sound Primary School on Tuesday (April 23) to deliver a series of jump rope workshops for school children.

The Jump 2B Fit recreation-based workshops, showcases and documentary screenings introduce children of all ages and abilities to a structured jump rope programme that teaches nutrition, fitness and health, and cultivates lifelong habits that result in strong bones while preventing obesity and other diseases.

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