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This latest donation takes the running total for the campaign to $29 million since its launch in April 2011. BHCT is leading this capital campaign with a target of $40 million to put towards the KEMH Redevelopment Project. The project’s overarching aim is to deliver an enhanced level of hospital care for the benefit of the whole community.

Stephen Catlin, Chief Executive of Catlin Group Limited, says, “The new acute care wing will be a state of the art facility that the Island can be very proud of. All of us at Catlin are delighted to provide financial support to this important campaign that will help the entire Bermuda community.”

Rees Fletcher, Co-Chair of BHCT’s International Companies Committee for the Why it Matters campaign added: “International business is a significant part of the Bermuda community and we are grateful to Catlin Group Limited for its support of the Why it Matters campaign. It’s been exciting to see the entire community come together for this, the largest fundraising effort in the island’s history, to help rebuild KEMH as an exceptional centre of care for everyone who calls Bermuda home.”

Currently, the Trust is reaching out across the community to local and international companies, organisations, associations, families and individuals, asking everyone to play their part in contributing to our revitalised, state-of-the-art hospital—and to the best healthcare for Bermuda.

Upon completion of the new acute care wing of the KEMH Redevelopment Project, patients and visitors will benefit from an exceptional medical facility, matched by an exceptional standard of clinical practice and patient-centred care.

For more information on how to get involved in the Why it Matters campaign, please visit

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