Schools, business and a church join CableVision in food drive

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Following on the strong support from the community for its recent food drive in support of The Eliza Dolittle Society’s food bank, Bermuda CableVision today announced that it has expanded the initiative with new community partnerships.

Principal Kalmar Richards, Prefect Coordinator Wayne Henry, Prefect Kevin Pacheco, Prefect Coordinator Bridgette Nelson, Head Girl Chrisante’ Bean, Head Boy Breon Neverson, Deputy Head Boy Marcus Bean and Rollin Nathan, Sales Manager, Bermuda CableVision at the CedarBridge Academy collection point.

Response from the public has been so positive that Bermuda CableVision has decided to make the food drive an ongoing programme, one that can support different charities throughout the year.

Named “Open Hands, Loving Hearts,” the Bermuda CableVision food drive now has the support of a growing number of churches, schools and business establishments.

It started two months ago, when Bermuda CableVision management and employees learned that The Eliza Dolittle Society’s food bank was nearly empty, and quickly mobilised to help. Bermuda CableVision made an emergency donation of $5,000 to the food bank and organised a food collection drive at its Washington Mall location. This drive to support The Eliza Dolittle Society Food Bank will continue through June 20. After that date, another charity will be designated to receive the collected food items.

Bermuda CableVision’s Rollin Nathan expressed gratitude to all those who have participated so far and explained how the programme has been expanded: “We want to thank all our customers who have made donations and encourage others, as well as the general public, to do the same,” he said. “Upon launching the food drive on April 25, we saw donations pour in, and were able to quickly fill our collection bins for The Eliza Dolittle Society’s food bank, and then re-fill them several times.

“Next, we went out into the community and spoke to schools, businesses and church leaders, and we found them tremendously supportive and ready to help. They have all agreed to let us place our “big blue bins” on their premises and encourage donations of non-perishable food items in locations across Bermuda. It is very heartwarming to see how the children truly want to help others, and how quickly the churches came together to support the “Open Hands, Loving Hearts” initiative. The participating businesses, for their part, are located in the very places where people can purchase non-perishable food items for donation. We look forward to keeping this programme active year-round to support other charities who are also working within our very diverse community to help ensure that no one goes hungry in Bermuda.”

Ms. Kalmar Richards, Principal of CedarBridge Academy, one of the schools participating in the Food Drive, says: “Our students have developed a strong spirit of giving and a tradition of outreach over the years, and this year is no different. They are now pulling together a fundraiser to support The Eliza Dolittle Society. CedarBridge Academy is so pleased to partner with Bermuda CableVision, one of the philanthropic giants on the island, as they take the lead with collecting food items for such a worthy organisation. We applaud the work of The Eliza Dolitte Society and thank Bermuda CableVision for their steadfast commitment to serving Bermuda.”

Rollin Nathan, Sales Manager, Bermuda CableVision and Minister of Community and Cultural Development, the Hon. R. Wayne Scott, JP, MP at the Bermuda CableVision Customer Care Centre collection point in Washington Mall.

The Minister of Community and Cultural Development, the Hon. R. Wayne Scott, JP MP, adds: “I recognizes that many people in the community are experiencing challenges in making ends meet and I am fully supportive of community partnerships to assist those in need. Bermuda CableVison is to be commended for its efforts in spearheading this food drive to ensure those in need are not afflicted by the ravages of hunger.”


The list of participating Schools, Churches and Businesses:



Harrington Hundreds

Lindo’s, Devonshire

Lindo’s, Warwick

and of course, Bermuda CableVision’s Washington Mall Customer Care Centre.


Hamilton Seventh Day Adventists Church


Devonshire Preschool

Southampton Preschool

Warwick Preschool

St. George’s Preschool

St. John’s Preschool

Prospect Primary

Northlands Primary

Paget Primary

Sandy’s Secondary Middle School

Bermuda High School

Warwick Academy

Victor Scott Primary

West Pembroke Primary

Bermuda Institute

Clearwater Middle School

CedarBridge Academy

St. Paul’s Preschool

St. George’s Preparatory

Harrington Sound Primary

Gilbert Institute

Whitney Institute Middle School

T.N. Tatem Middle School

Mount Saint Agnes

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