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Bermuda CableVision today announced that it is giving customers a bonus by more than doubling the upload speeds on its two fastest Broadband Link Internet packages, while keeping prices the same.

Effective immediately, subscribers to CableVision’s 15 Mb/s and 25 Mb/s services will see their upload speeds increase from 2 Mb/s to 5 Mb/s. CableVision is offering the faster access to give customers an even better Internet experience that supports their evolving online needs.

Jake Simon, CableVision’s Chief Technology Officer, says; “From Skyping, surfing, and streaming to sharing photos, video, music and more, customers want faster Internet – and upload speeds are key to that requirement. This is one of the areas where cable Internet has so much to offer. Recently completed upgrades to our network and systems, including our move to DOCSIS 3.0, now enable us to super-charge our upload speeds, making all the customer’s online activities faster, smoother and easier. Best of all, we’re doing this at no additional cost to subscribers.”

To access the new speeds, customers will need to use the Motorola® 6121 DOCSIS 3.0 high-speed cable modem provided by CableVision, which takes advantage of the many advances enabled by DOCCIS 3.0 technology.  Among those are greater speeds; enhanced reliability; improved throughput of data; quality of service and security.

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