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Bermuda CableVision today announces that on August 15 Caribbean sports cable broadcaster SportsMax will launch a second 24-hour sports channel, SportsMax2, as part of its MaxPak offering. SportsMax2 will be introduced on CableVision’s Channel 351, where Fox Soccer Plus is currently located. Fox Soccer Plus will move to CableVision’s Channel 53, in the Super Tier. The MaxPak package will therefore include SportsMax and SportsMax2 as of August 15.


The two channels combined will offer the region’s most expansive and exclusive sports coverage of cricket, football, track & field, tennis, golf, high school sports and more live coverage than ever before.

SportsMax2 will carry the majority of the Barclays Premier League and UEFA matches as well as the content from the Premier League FA’s own Premier League TV, while SportsMax will continue to broadcast international cricket such as the current Ashes and the upcoming Australia tour to India in addition to WTA tennis and IAAF track & field.

Bermuda CableVision General Manager, Terry Roberson, says: “This launch comes just in time for the Barclays Premier League matches. With double the number of BPL matches to be broadcast by the two channels, viewers can expect plenty of action. In addition, the new, enhanced MaxPak will be the only place to watch live international cricket from England, Australia, South Africa, India and the Indian Premier League. We wish our subscribers plenty of viewing enjoyment.”

SportsMax and SportsMax2 will air 320 Barclays Premier League matches over the course of the season, which kicks off on August 17th with the self-anointed “Special One” Jose Mourinho leading Chelsea against Hull, and Manchester United, without Alex Ferguson, facing Swansea.

Tanya Lee, Caribbean Marketing Manager of SportsMax TV, explains: “SportsMax2 will not only guarantee the sports fan more sports content options, it will now allow us to show more live content simultaneously. For example, cricket fans enjoying matches from South Africa will now see their matches in their entirety while BPL is live on another SportsMax channel. Having two channels also gives us the opportunity to produce and acquire more content that is in demand by the Caribbean audience that these channels are tailored for: more cricket; more football; more track & field; more tennis; more of everything our Caribbean subscribers want, when they want it.”

CableVision subscribers are reminded that Fox Soccer Channel will be discontinued as of August 15, 2013, with Fox Soccer Plus offered in its place, on Channel 53. It will no longer be a part of the MaxPak subscription package, as SportsMax will no longer be distributing Fox Soccer Plus as of August 15.

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