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Victor Scott Primary School today announces that it has successfully completed its summer programme. Donations from local and international companies in Bermuda as well as an individual enabled Victor Scott Primary to offer a structured summer programme at a reasonable rate for parents. This is Victor Scott Primary School’s third time hosting the summer programme. Lead sponsors of the programme are Butterfield & Vallis and XL Foundation. Other sponsors include: The Argus Group, Bank of Bermuda Foundation, Nick Kempe and Ultimate Imaging Ltd.

Programme funding provided continued academic support and social development to maximise student potential for learning and helped prepare students for the upcoming school year. Students were selected for the programme on a variety of bases including: recommendation from a teacher for needing further development, financial need, the need for social development or those who would benefit from academic enrichment. All summer programme instructors were qualified and a majority are employed by the Ministry of Education. The summer programme helped those students who are below grade level in math, literacy and reading. This year the programme also offered an enrichment component for those students working above grade level. The programme was open to both Victor Scott Primary students and neighbouring school students. Approximately 40 students attended the programme each week during their summer vacation.

The summer programme, which just concluded, was comprised of summer school in the morning and summer camp in the afternoon. The summer camp offered students an opportunity to explore Bermuda and participate in camp tours and activities relevant to the group. Camp outings included: career tours, nature walks on Bermuda’s Railway Trail; swimming at the National Sports Centre; exploring the Crystal Caves; and visiting many historical sites including St. George’s and The Royal Naval Dockyard.

Jim Butterfield, Butterfield & Vallis, stated: “At Butterfield & Vallis we are pleased to support such a worthwhile effort in our community. Victor Scott Primary is dedicated to helping the children of our community succeed and we understand the importance of developing today’s youth for Bermuda’s future. We thank Victor Scott Primary for helping students to reach the next level of achievement.”

Patrick Tannock, President of the XL Foundation, said: “We’ve supported Victor Scott’s summer program since 2010. We like the fact that it continues the momentum of the children’s education. They get to have fun at the camp, but they’re also learning and keeping their minds sharp. We’ve also been impressed by the passion and dedication of the teachers. They were ready to run this program in 2010 whether they got paid or not, for the sake of the students. A number of my XL colleagues are Victor Scott Primary School alumni and it’s important to them that we continue this relationship. In fact, on May 23, XL’s Global Day of Giving, we were at the school working on a project – developed by XL staff – to encourage students to ‘dream big and aim high’. Their aspirations ranged from jet pilot to shark scientist to accountant. We applaud the Victor Scott faculty and thank them for what they do for our community. XL is proud to be working with them.”

Wendeisha Phillips, Educational Therapist, Victor Scott Primary School, said: “Students have a great deal to accomplish during the regular school year so this summer camp helped to prepare them for the next stage of schooling. We find that student learning becomes more enjoyable and less stressful in a more relaxed, summer camp environment. Victor Scott Primary School is extremely grateful to our sponsors who understand the importance of education and help make a difference in our children’s lives.”

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