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A new art installation in front of Waterloo House on Pitt’s Bay Road in Hamilton designed by local artist, Will Collieson, has been unveiled as a special feature to enhance the forecourt of the building. The 26-foot tall sculpture named “Points of View” has a nautical feel with sail-like shapes flowing in a multitude of curves giving it a local flavour while linking the building with its location on the harbour and the building’s waterfront marina.

“We were specifically interested in working with a local artist for this project and Will has a long and distinguished career as an artist and designer in Bermuda,” said Alexander Green on behalf of the Green family. “We are thrilled with the final sculpture. It is a relatively simple concept, yet its shapes and curves give it an interesting degree of complexity. There is an intriguing play of reflection, shade and shadow as the sun moves across the multiple curves of the sculpture and at night specially designed lighting continues the play of surfaces.”

The sculpture took over a year to build and every part was custom made. Special moulds were built to form the fibreglass ”spars” and “sails,” and purpose-made jigs were set up to accurately assemble everything.  Prior to fabrication there was detailed design work to ensure that the many connections required to join all the components would be neat or concealed, yet resistant to hurricane force winds.

In addition to the Waterloo House installation, Will Collieson has designed other public art pieces in Bermuda including two large sculptures inside HSBC, as well as the steel sculpture outside Sterling House and a sculpture outside the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. He has also spent more than 30 years using installation art to create window displays for some of Bermuda’s most well-known department stores.

“I was delighted to be chosen for this project as the beautiful Waterloo House and its prime harbourfront location provided great inspiration,” said Will Collieson, artist. “While I knew the sculpture would have to be fairly tall, I also had to make sure it would work in symphony with the architecture of the building. Waterloo House has a light, airy and unobtrusive feeling so the sculpture had to reflect that. Set within an infinity pool, the sculpture is designed to float within the space.”

“We thank Will for his artistic contribution that truly enhances and completes the overall look of Waterloo House. We hope that residents and tenants of the building as well as passers-by enjoy the sculpture for years to come,” said Andrew Green on behalf of the Green family.

Waterloo House was completed in August 2013 and, to date, the office space is 90 per cent let with the remaining space under offer. Of the seven residential apartments three have already been let, with four remaining available. Interested parties should contact Penny MacIntyre at 299-1508.

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