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Alternative Energy Systems (Bermuda) Ltd. (AES) today announces the introduction of the first solar leasing programme available to the Bermuda market.  Using SunPower Solar Starter Kits, the programme is intended to make solar power available to even more Bermuda residents that are interested in reducing their reliance on dirty, polluting fossil fuels.

This offer allows the recipients to have solar energy installed at their homes with no up-front cost but provides immediate guaranteed savings on their electrical bills. It also allows homeowners to reap the benefits of green energy and enjoy the long-term rewards of making their own power and being less dependent on expensive, traditional energy sources.

The SunPower Solar Starter Kit that is being offered to launch the leasing programme includes six high-efficiency SunPower 240 watt ACPV panels, a SunPower web-based monitoring kit, all government fees, permitting costs, complete installation and commissioning of the system. There are no up-front costs to the customer.

SunPower Maxeon all-back-contact solar cell technology captures up to 50 percent more sunlight and generates more energy than all other conventional front-contact panels. These panels feature an industry-leading 25-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year power guarantee.  The web-based monitoring kit allows homeowners to keep track of energy production in real time from anywhere in the world using a computer or smart device.

The 1.44kW system will produce approximately 2,200kWh of energy per year, and requires only 80 sq. ft. of roof space.

Tim Madeiros, CEO of AES, says the company is excited to introduce this innovative programme to the Bermuda market so as to further the growing interest in solar energy. “In the past year we have seen a phenomenal move to solar power in the residential market in Bermuda. To continue the momentum AES is introducing this financial mechanism to further encourage the transition to solar technology among Bermuda residents. It is AES’ goal to make solar technology accessible to everyone in Bermuda, which in turn will reduce the island’s reliance on expensive imported oil that significantly drives up our cost of living and operating a business. This leasing programme offers a fresh, modern approach to the energy industry in Bermuda.”

For more information on the free SunPower Solar Starter Kit leasing programme and to schedule a free site assessment, contact AES at 505-0804 or email

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