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The Green family today announces that they are donating $150,000 to the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust for the development of the new acute care wing at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. The family previously donated $100,000 towards the new wing in April 2011.

Alexander Green, on behalf of the family, says: “Health care is something that affects all of us and, given our location in the middle of the Atlantic, having advanced medical facilities available locally is particularly important to our island community. We felt it was vital to support the hospital’s fundraising campaign and we commend the Bermuda Hospitals Board for making the hospital redevelopment a reality.”

Andrew Green, on behalf of the family, says: “We are delighted to join the community in this fundraising effort and we hope that our donations will encourage other businesses and families to make financial contributions to this worthwhile cause.”

Phil Butterfield, Chairman, Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust, says: “We would like to thank the Green family for both of their generous donations. We very much value their contribution to the hospital redevelopment project and our vision to provide an exceptional centre of care for our community for years to come.”

Businesses, families and individuals who would like to make a contribution to the KEMH Redevelopment Project may contact Wendy Augustus on 295-2428 or

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