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As part of its ongoing programme of community involvement and support, Bermuda CableVision is introducing a new initiative, this time to encourage the creation of jobs on the island.

Called Project HOPE – which stands for “Help Offer Positions of Employment” ­– the initiative was unveiled last Saturday evening at CableVision’s “Salute to Service” banquet, in the presence of some of Bermuda’s most influential business and community leaders, to whom Terry Roberson, CableVision’s CEO, made a personal appeal.

“This year,” he said, “Let’s put some true thought into how we can help those without jobs. Let’s reach out as corporations, small businesses, residents, churches, mosques or synagogues, to provide opportunities for people to work and help themselves. Just take on someone to help you in your home or workplace for 30, 60, or 90 days. Reduce an expense in one area to help support your fellow community members. We at CableVision will be doing so.”

With that, he announced CableVision’s plans to immediately create a job, employing an individual for 90 days to begin an ‘Adopt a Highway’ programme – subject to government approval ­– from roundabout to roundabout at Ferry Reach, to help keep Bermuda’s roads beautiful.

With the launch of Project HOPE, CableVision is encouraging corporations, small businesses, and residents across Bermuda to come forward and offer opportunities on a full or part-time basis –whether for a day, or for 30, 60 or 90 days – so that their fellow community members can experience the satisfaction and dignity of working to improve their situations.

“We would like for everyone to get creative and provide some hope,” said Terry Roberson.
“The job doesn’t have to be about what business you are in – it is about offering hope and helping each other out – just as we do in the aftermath of a hurricane. If all goes well, try another person out for 30 days.”

CableVision also announced its intention to work in co-operation with the Department of Workforce Development as Bermuda continues to deal with the current economic downturn. “As we know, jobs on the island are listed on the Department’s website,” said Terry Roberson. “We would like to offer the opportunity to list all these jobs on one of our cable TV channels, or create a dedicated channel where jobs could be posted.”  He invited local newspapers to consider partnering with CableVision on the project.

Since the January 11 event, CableVision has received a number of calls from individuals and businesses who are taking up the challenge and are ready to create employment opportunities. Interested parties should contact CableVision’s Rollin Nathan at 292-5544.

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