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Eff-Tech today announces it has formed an alliance with leading international fire prevention and life safety provider, Vipond Inc.

Vipond – a Canadian company – has been operating in Bermuda since 1985 and was started in Canada in 1945. Vipond Inc specialises in the design, supply, fabrication and complete turnkey installations of all types of fire protection systems for every application.

Vipond has a certified senior technician in Bermuda to carry out installations, testing and inspections of life safety fire protection systems all in accordance with the latest NFPA Standards.

Vipond also offers clean agent suppression systems that don’t use water. These systems are installed in water sensitive areas such as computer rooms, motor controlled centres and high and low voltage electrical rooms. Clean agent suppression systems give property owners peace of mind because in the event of fire, there won’t be any water discharge.

Stephen Savage, Sales & Marketing Manager, Eff-Tech says: “Vipond offers life safety fire protection solutions for all industrial, commercial and insitutional needs. With a Vipond fire protection system in your facility, protection from a fire is one less thing you have to worry about.”

Paul Gagné, Branch General Manager, International Division, Vipond says: “Many of the fire protection systems in Bermuda are not inspected or maintained regularly. Ongoing inspections and maintenance ensure your fire protection system is working correctly. Vipond can train someone within your organization on how to perform the day to day inspections of the system, but quarterly inspection by a senior certified technician is recommended.”

Reginald Lloyd Burchall, Chief Fire Officer, comments: “We encourage owners of commercial properties to invest in fire protection systems as they ultimately save lives. In addition to installing fire protection systems, regular inspections are also crucial to ensure the systems are operating effectively in case a fire breaks out.”


Eff-Tech partners with companies that provide innovative solutions that complement HVAC solutions such as cloud-based building automation solutions, fire protection, wireless controls and weather proofing solutions. These partnerships allow Eff-Tech to deliver turnkey solutions for new construction, building retrofits and private homes.

For more information on Eff-Tech products and services, please contact Stephen Savage at 249-3570 or ssavage@efftech.bm, or visit www.efftech.bm.

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