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Fogg Insurance Agencies Ltd has been rebranded as Argus Insurance Agencies Limited (AIAL), which further reinforces the company’s integration within the Argus Group.

Malta’s Prime Minister, Dr. Joseph Muscat (left) with Dr. Vanessa Borg, Chief Executive, AIAL (centre), and Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer of The Argus Group (right)

As part of the rebrand, AIAL will have access to the technical talent and industry knowledge of an International organisation (The Argus Group), with assets totalling $1.9 billion.

The Argus Group acquired Fogg Insurance Agencies Limited (Fogg) in June 2010. The presence of the Argus Group in Malta carries numerous benefits to the business community, including access to specialised expertise and knowledge of small jurisdictions and its experience working with the broader community on issues relating to health care, pensions and employee benefits.

AIAL will continue to offer its existing portfolio of products which will be enhanced with new product lines in the very near future.

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer of the Argus Group, said: “We look forward to further strengthening the relationship with our Maltese colleagues and customers. Our company philosophy of ‘Our Interest is You’ is something that we are fully committed to delivering and we are proud to have the opportunity to do this in Malta.”

Dr. Vanessa Borg, Chief Executive of Argus Insurance Agencies Limited, stated: “We are very happy to be part of the Argus family. This transition will create a new level of engagement for our employees where we can combine resources and talent. We are thrilled to be affiliated to an international group and this milestone marks the Argus Group’s continued commitment to further local investment.”

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat visited the Malta office last week to commemorate the rebrand. He said that this development reaffirms Malta’s attractiveness to the financial sector. He noted that financial services account for seven per cent of Malta’s national GDP and this sector employs over 7,000 people. He also noted that the insurance sector has registered an increase in revenue. Dr. Muscat said the government will push forward new centres of excellence but it is still committed to helping the financial services sector flourish. He also spoke about the pensions reform and said insurance companies are sure to take up the challenge of upcoming initiatives that will incentivise private pension schemes.

The Argus Group has been in Malta since 2005, via its relationship with Fogg, which was operating as Argus’ official agency in the region. The Argus presence was further strengthened in 2010 with the acquisition of Fogg, and now even further with the rebrand to Argus Insurance Agencies Limited.

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