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The Argus Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Alison Hill, met with Government officials from Gibraltar last week, including Minister for Financial Services, Albert Isola.

From left to right: Mike Ashton, Senior Finance Centre Executive; James Tipping, Finance Centre Director; Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer for The Argus Group; Albert Isola, Minister for Financial Services; Tyrone Montovio, General Manager AIC(E)L

The Argus Group has had a presence in Gibraltar since it purchased Norwich Union International Insurance Company Limited in November 2004. The Gibraltar office has since been rebranded under the Argus banner as Argus Insurance Company (Europe) Limited or AIC(E)L, to create global synergy.

AIC(E)L is now a leading Gibraltar based insurance company writing Property and Casualty business. In addition, AIC(E)L also offers more specialist classes of insurance through its broking subsidiary, Westmed Insurance Services Limited.

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer, The Argus Group, says: “We have being doing business in Gibraltar for nearly 10 years now and have found it to be a very business friendly jurisdiction, from both a government and regulatory perspective.”

Tyrone Montovio, General Manager for Argus Insurance Company (Europe) Limited, says “The Financial Services Commission is a very friendly and approachable regulator, which always welcomes feedback and offers guidance with the firms it regulates. We have also had a great experience working with Gibraltar Finance, which does an excellent job working with local professionals in promoting Gibraltar as a quality jurisdiction in which to conduct business.”

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