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(Hamilton, Bermuda, October 15, 2014) – As Hurricane Gonzalo makes its way toward Bermuda, The Argus Group would like to remind its clients that they can contact the Argus Customer Service Centre on 298-0888 with any questions regarding their insurance cover and for preparation advice and support in advance of the hurricane.


Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer of the Argus Group urged clients and the general public that “A hurricane can be incredibly disruptive and we are committed to making the process a little easier for our clients. History has shown us that preparation is key to keeping safe and protecting your property. All of the provisions to safeguard our homes, cars, boats and businesses make a real difference. We value our clients as trusted partners and their safety is our top priority.”


A list of hurricane preparedness tips to help residents protect their families, pets, homes and belongings can be found on the home page of the Argus website at


Argus representatives are available on 298-0888 to exclusively manage any claims related to damages from the hurricane. In addition, to best assist both corporate clients and individuals, Argus is bringing to the Island several international loss adjusters to assist managing major claims.

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