Besco Appoints Jordan Place as Apprentice Fire Alarm Technician

Posted by on Dec 11, 2014 in Local News & Alerts | 0 comments

Bermuda Energy Services Company Ltd. (BESCO) today announces the appointment of Jordon Place as apprentice fire alarm technician. Jordon started working with the company after completing the five-year Electrical Wiring programme at the Bermuda College.

In his role as apprentice fire alarm technician, Jordon applies his training in electrical wiring and works with BESCO’s senior technicians in the installation, programming and maintenance of fire alarm systems for the company’s commercial and industrial clients.

Jordon gained practical experience working with electrical companies while attending school. Before entering Bermuda College, Jordon graduated from Cedarbridge Academy.

“At BESCO we are dedicated to training Bermuda’s talented youth. Jordon was an enthusiastic student who also gained work experience,” said Bryan Adams, President of BESCO. “Jordon’s training and hands-on experience positioned him well to begin as an apprentice right after graduating and jumpstart his career. We are delighted to have him as part of our team.”

Jordon has been awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze). He is an avid sports fan and has won various football awards.

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