CableVision Rewards Select Customers With Free High-Speed Internet

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Bermuda CableVision today announces a 300 Meg Broadband Internet Giveaway as part of a promotion to push faster internet into the market. Bermuda CableVision will provide one month free 50 Meg MERGE internet service to four internet customers. In addition, one ‘Super Lucky’ MERGE customer will have their current service upgraded automatically to 100 Mbps – the fastest residential speed in Bermuda.

This giveaway builds on the ’Super Lucky’ promotion started in December with CableVision giving back to its loyal customers. Twelve subscribers were randomly selected to win 25 Megs of internet, $100 off their bill or 10 video-on-demand (VOD) movies. All CableVision TV subscribers were also given a free TV preview over the holiday season.

Terry Roberson, CEO, Bermuda CableVision, says, “The ‘Super Lucky’ promotion resonated well with our customers and inspired this new giveaway. We greatly appreciate our loyal subscribers and want to make sure they know that, especially during the holidays, but also throughout the New Year.”

The 300 Meg Giveaway is only for promotion use and not for sale at this time. It is exclusively available to select CableVision subscribers. 

Mr. Roberson says, “Right now, we are promoting our current network capability with select ‘Super Lucky’ customers in a larger effort to spread faster internet service throughout the Island. Bermuda joins Jamaica, Cayman, Gibraltar, Grenada, Trinidad and St. Lucia who all have 100 Mbps service in operation today.”

These promotions follow the unprecedented ‘25% Storm Credit’ offer where every customer benefited from the across-the-board price reduction in November after the back-to-back Hurricanes.

Those who would like to win the one-time offer of 100 Mbps or the weekly giveaway of 50 Mbps can sign up at:

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