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This past Sunday, July 26, Elbow Beach Bermuda hosted Cup Match players, their coaches and past and retired captains from both teams at a special cocktail reception to celebrate the Cup Match tradition in Bermuda. The event was held around the hotel’s signature pool area with team flags for both Somerset and St. George’s flying overhead. Hotel guests were also invited to attend.


Cup Match is a two-day holiday during which one cricket team from each end of the Island compete, and the entire Island shuts down for the party. The first day of the Cup Match holiday is called Emancipation Day and is held on the Thursday closest to August 1st. The second day on the Friday is called Somers Day in honour of Admiral Sir George Somers, who led the colonisation of Bermuda in 1609. Cup Match will be held this year on July 30 and 31 at St. George’s Cricket Club at the east end of the Island.


Ed Burns, Owner’s Representative, Elbow Beach Bermuda, says: “Cup Match is uniquely Bermudian and everyone, including Elbow Beach, loves to take part in the celebration. We were happy to recognise the players from this year and years past who are such an integral part of this national festivity. It was also a wonderful way to include our guests in the holiday, introduce them to cricket and encourage them to attend the game later this week.”



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