Hurricane Joaquin – Cablevision Services Restored

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Restoration efforts continue with work crews targeting the remaining problem areas. If power has been restored and you don’t have cable, then the issue is most likely service related. If this is the case, please call the main Cablevision number at 292-5544. 

Those areas still experiencing disruptions are:

Eastern Areas

Smith’s/Flatt’s: North + South Shore Rds., Jennings Road, St. James Court Apts., St Marks Church to Knapton Hill, Flatt’s to Radnor Road

Central Areas

Paget/Warwick: Ord Road, Cobb’s Hill, Keith Hall Road, Spring Hill, Morgan’s Road

Western Areas

Southampton: Church Road, St. Anne’s Road, Coral Acres Road

Dockyard Area

Logic wireless customers in the western end of the island are still experiencing loss of service and the service delivery teams are aggressively working on restoration efforts. Those being served by Alton Hill have now had service restored.

Jennifer Mahoney, Vice President of Marketing & Customer Care, Logic, says: “We would like to thank the general public for their patience and commend the efforts of the local utilities and others who have swiftly restored service for so many.”

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