Argus Comments on 2015 National Health Accounts Report

Posted by on Oct 8, 2015 in Local News & Alerts | 0 comments

Michelle Jackson, Executive Vice President, Group Insurance, the Argus Group, said: ”As a health insurance provider, Argus has advocated for many years for greater collaboration between healthcare providers and payors and greater access to preventative and diagnostic healthcare services for uninsured and under-insured persons. We have also worked to increase awareness of healthy lifestyles to prevent illness through our wellness and population health programmes. 

“We are therefore delighted that the 2015 National Health Accounts Report indicates a marginal year-on-year decrease in total healthcare expenditure. At Argus, we have experienced similar results and seen the rate of increase in insurance premiums decline over the past several years and a marginal premium reduction this year.

“We attribute this improvement to increased efficiencies at the local hospital, the positive enhancements in our local healthcare infrastructure, and the expertise of our overseas partners who work with us to negotiate favourable rates with the healthcare facilities in our provider networks.

“In addition, our newest population health initiative Thrive. has netted very encouraging results. Based on the feedback of our members who are participating in the online programme, almost 90 per cent say they are more active and engaged in their wellness. They are getting healthier which means fewer illnesses and we are excited to see the signs of progress.”

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