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Private Act Expands Company’s Capabilities in Bermuda-based Insurance Solutions

Valor Group Ltd. (“Valor Group”) is proud to announce that its Bermuda long term life insurance subsidiary VL Assurance (Bermuda) Ltd. (“VL Assurance”) has obtained a Private Act. The move is achieved with support from its Bermuda-based insurance management company Valor Management Ltd. (“Valor Management”).  The VL Assurance (Bermuda) Ltd. Act 2015 has formally received consent by the Governor General of Bermuda.

VL Assurance is a Bermuda-based insurance company that focuses on life insurance and annuity products designed to meet the special needs of high net worth individuals worldwide.  The VL Assurance (Bermuda) Ltd. Act 2015 gives VL Assurance greater flexibility in creating customized wealth planning and preservation solutions for clients around the world.  Valor Management Ltd., incorporated in Bermuda, is registered as an Insurance Manager and is responsible for the development, distribution, management and administration of the life insurance and annuity products issued by VL Assurance (Bermuda) Ltd.

Louis Zuckerbraun, Chief Executive Officer, Valor Management, says:  “Bermuda is recognised as a premier jurisdiction for the insurance industry.  It enjoys a collaborative business culture where government and business leaders work together towards world-class standards in compliance, regulation, transparency and infrastructure. These factors make it an ideal location from which to purchase insurance and annuity products that help protect, grow and transfer personal and business assets.  Valor Management and VL Assurance are proud to be a part of this legacy.”

“Our goal is to provide the most sophisticated and secure product portfolio available.   To that end we worked diligently with the Bermuda government to go one step further to enhance our product platform for our clients and ensure we could offer more of the complete and complex planning and product solutions they need to prosper.  The VL Assurance (Bermuda) Ltd. Act 2015 is the result of these efforts and we are excited to be able to extend its benefits.”

More information about VL Assurance (Bermuda) Ltd. Act 2015 can be found at  Information regarding Valor Management can be obtained at

Valor Group Ltd. (Valor Group) is a multi-billion dollar group of companies that provides private placement insurance solutions for high net worth individuals. The group includes insurance companies and other financial institutions with licenses in Barbados, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Ireland and Bermuda. Valor Group is a strategic component of the COR Group.  Valor Group is a publicly traded company on the Bermuda Stock Exchange under ticker WAH.BH.

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