Government Agrees to Clean Up Canal

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Mill Creek Road businesses today announce that they received a letter from Government on Friday which has indicated that it will clear the canal, floodbox and sluice gate of debris as well as make necessary repairs in the infrastructure that joins the canal and Mill Creek Road by March 31, 2016.


Government advised that it will this week issue a Request for Quotation to contractors to provide quotes to Government within the next three weeks for:

  • Removal of trash and debris from floodbox and along canal
  • Cutting down vegetation adjoining Mill Creek Road to facilitate assessment of the canal
  • Inspection of sluice gate to ensure it is operating properly. Government has indicated that this may need to be dealt with separately if an issue is apparent
  • Sealing walls, repairing cracks and building a concrete structure next to the bridge
  • Construction of wall at junction of Pitts Bay Road bridge and Mill Creek Road for pedestrian and vehicle protection


Ed Faries, on behalf of the Mill Creek Road businesses, says: “We are delighted that Government is finally moving forward with the upkeep of the canal and would like to thank the Minister of Public Works for making this a priority. We are happy to see that the project started on Tuesday and to seeing its completion before the end of March, as promised.


“We were also pleased to read in Saturday’s The Royal Gazette that Government will set up a small team of enforcement officers to crack down on contractors and land owners who break planning rules. Construction throughout Hamilton has contributed significantly to the canal issues that we face today. The Ministry has also advised us that it will meet with the Department of Planning regarding the permitted planning applications that are granted contrary to planning policy.”


Government has also advised that additional works may be necessary as the above project progresses, for which they will aim to allocate funding.


Ed Faries adds: “Moving forward, we hope that appropriate funding will be included in the Ministry’s annual budgets for the ongoing upkeep of the canal. It is important to note that maintaining the canal benefits all flood-prone areas of Pembroke, not just Mill Creek. We look forward to seeing this outlined in next month’s budget debate.”



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