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Aecon Group Inc., a prospective partner of the Government of Bermuda in the redevelopment of the L.F. Wade International Airport, has retained LAS Int’l Consulting (LAS) and Bermuda Environmental Consulting (BEC) to undertake a Scoping Study as part of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) process for the Redevelopment of the L.F. Wade International Airport. LAS and BEC invite the public to a consultation to seek feedback on the social and environmental issues that need to be considered in the ESIA. 

The consultation events will take place as follows:

Tuesday, 2nd February: 6:30 p.m. (doors open 6 p.m.) at Clearwater Middle school, St. David’s.

Wednesday, 3rd February: 6:30 p.m. (doors open 6 p.m.) at Pennos Wharf Cruise ship terminal, St. George’s.

Thursday, 4th February: 5:30 pm at the Anglican Cathedral Hall, Hamilton.

Graeme Smith, Technical Manager of LAS International Consulting, says: “Public engagement is an essential part of the Scoping Study. We encourage anyone who wishes to provide feedback on the airport redevelopment project to attend one of these meetings. This could be from a building, environmental, social or economic perspective. We will use this information to identify and assess the environmental and social impacts and benefits of the proposed redevelopment to enable a balanced decision-making process.”


Annie Glasspool, Vice President of Bermuda Environmental Consulting, says: “Consultation, particularly at this early stage of the ESIA, allows the entire community to participate in the assessment process by expressing their views and any concerns they may have and for Aecon to properly understand the potential impacts of the proposal. We welcome everyone in the community to attend and to provide feedback.”


Official notices for the meetings were published last week.



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