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The Institute of Bermuda Architects (IBA), Architectural Association of Bermuda (AAB) and Architects Registration Council (ARC) together will address comments received on a proposed new Architectural Professions Act at a meeting on June 15 at 5:30pm at the Anglican Cathedral Hall.


Comments from various professional groups and individuals addressing multiple points in the proposed new Act were received as part of a four-week consultation period in May.


During the meeting on Wednesday—which the public is invited to attend—the group will respond to the comments raised during the public comment period and give industry stakeholders and members of the public an opportunity to hear more about the importance of a new Architectural Professions Act.


Krystal Rodrigues, President, IBA, says: “The Architectural Professions Bill will set an industry wide standard for the practise of architecture in Bermuda, ensuring that all professionals are accountable for the work they produce and empowering the consumer when it comes to their architectural investments. This new Bill will give long overdue recognition to practitioners that have the experience necessary to offer services, limit capabilities for practitioners without suitable experience, and require all licensed professionals to carry professional indemnity insurance.”



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