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The Institute of Bermuda Architects (IBA) today announces the winners of “Benched 2.0”, a design-build competition aimed at students in both high school and university.

In the public vote, the first place winners are The ‘Lazarus Snail Bench (Laz)’ (Jean-Pierre Lucas and Nafiayah Raynor) who teamed up with Vanessa Daniel of Geoff Parker Architect to design their bench and Vieira’s Construction & Painting to build it. They were awarded $500. Second place was awarded to ‘Moongate’ (Joanna Martin) who collaborated with Yanna Smith and Anthony Medeiros of Bermuda Stripping & Refinishing for construction and was awarded $300. Third prize ($200) was awarded to ‘The Great White’ (Kevin Simmons, A’Maiah Butterfield, Clara James). They partnered with Claudia Richardson-Botelho of Botelho Wood Architects for design and E&G Craftshop and Signworx for the building of the bench.

‘Zoo’ (Ago-Oluwa Salawu, Zoë Oleksak, Tereé Trott) who collaborated with Germano Botelho of Botelho Wood Architects and J&W Construction won first place in the professional category. They won $500. ‘Laz’ won second place in the professional category and The Great White won third place in the professional category.

The public judged the winners in the general category at an open voting session at the Aquarium today where over 300 votes were cast. The professional category was judged by seven industry professionals and was based on design concept, creativity and use of materials.

Krystal Rodrigues, President, IBA, says: “We would like to congratulate the winners of ‘Benched’. All seven teams worked extremely hard and we are enthralled with the final benches that were designed and built. The designs are exceptionally creative and it is inspiring to see what the students came up with over the last month. We encourage the public to come and see the benches, which will be on display over the next six weeks. We would like to thank our sponsors as well as the designers and builders who provided professional guidance to the students.”

The competition paired designers, builders and students, tasked with designing and creating a bench.

The students who competed in “Benched 2.0” are: Jean-Pierre Lucas, Nafiayah Raynor, Kevin Simmons, Clara James, A’Maiah L. Butterfield, Zoe Oleksak, Ayo Salawu, Teree C.R. Trott, Liam Flannery, Chanika Jones, Christian Chin Gurret and Joanna Martin.

Firms who offered professional design support to the students include: Bermuda Stripping & Refinishing, Botelho Wood Architects, Geoff Parker Architect, Nicky Gurret and OBMI.

Builders who assisted the students in developing their bench designs include: Bermuda Stripping & Refinishing, Carvalho Construction, E&G Craftshop, J&W Construction, Vieira’s Construction & Painting, Bermuda Blueprinting and Bobby Degraff.

Judges were: Ari Ming, Institute of Bermuda Architects; Kennedy Wainwright, Construction Association of Bermuda; Sue Bendell, Bermuda Society of Interior Designers; Victoria Pereira, Department of Planning; Stephanie Simons, Bermuda Association of Professional Engineers; Kenny Paltl & Dr. Ian Walker, BAMZ; and Tina Hutchings, artist.

Sponsors for Benched 2.0 are: Joe Vieira Trucking, Pembroke Tile & Stone, Atlantic Building Consultants & Bermuda Interiors & Calabash Trucking & Crane Service.

The designs will be displayed at the Aquarium until August 31.

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