Green Family Offers Saltus Scholarship

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The Green Family today announces it is funding a new scholarship for students applying to Saltus Grammar School. The scholarship will be awarded every other year to an applicant who is Bermudian, in Primary 6 and in need of financial support.

The Green Family will fund 80 per cent of tuition for seven years, starting in S7 (M1) through graduation SGY2 (S4). The scholarship will be granted to a well-rounded applicant who will contribute positively to the Saltus community.

Alexander Green, on behalf of the Green Family, said of the scholarship: “We encourage any student with a passion for learning and service to apply for this new scholarship. Education opens doors to fulfilling one’s dreams and every young person should have access to the quality education that they choose, regardless of their financial background.”

Amanda Skinner, Director of Enrolment Management, said: “The Saltus Green Family Scholarship creates an incredible opportunity for our school community and we are thrilled to offer this new scholarship to a deserving applicant. We would like to sincerely thank the Green Family for their generosity and support.”

To apply for the Saltus Green Family Scholarship, the application and financial aid application can be found on the Saltus website at on the Admissions page, under Scholarships & Financial Aid. Applicants must also apply to Saltus by completing the online application, also found on the Admissions page. The deadline for this year’s Scholarship application is January 31 and interviews will take place in February.

For more information about the Scholarship or how to apply, please email Amanda Skinner at

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