New Airport Terminal Breaks Ground

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Representatives of the Bermuda Government, Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), Aecon and Bermuda Skyport Corporation Limited joined together today to officially break ground on the new 277,300 sq. ft. airport terminal.

The ceremony at Stone Crusher Corner marks the start of construction for the Airport Redevelopment Project, one of the largest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Bermuda. Construction is scheduled to be completed in 40 months and will take place away from the existing terminal, allowing L.F. Wade International airport to continue running uninterrupted.

Once complete, the new terminal will be modern and comfortable, marking a new era in Bermuda’s air travel experience. It will feature improved concession offerings, comfortable passenger lounges, accessibility features for the physically challenged, better passenger flow and six enclosed passenger boarding bridges. The new airport has been designed with sustainability in mind and will meet industry quality standards for customer service, security, and immigration.

Aecon, the constructor of the new airport, intends on maximising the use of Bermudian sub-contractors during construction. The first contracts were awarded earlier this week, predominantly to local firms. Aecon is currently recruiting workers for construction of the new terminal as is Skyport for day-to-day operations and maintenance of the existing airport facilities. The project is a major catalyst for job creation. It will boost the local economy and help provide jobs for Bermudians.

The Airport Redevelopment Project is being carried out under a framework agreement between the Governments of Bermuda and Canada, with Skyport as the entity tasked with operating and maintaining the airport and overall Project delivery, and Aecon as the general contractor. Under the agreement, CCC, a Crown corporation of the Government of Canada will ensure that the airport construction will be delivered on time, on spec and on budget as per the terms and conditions of the contract.

Skyport, as the private sector partner, is responsible for the project’s development, financing and long-term operation and maintenance over a 30-year concession term. Aecon, the airport developer and founder of Skyport, brings extensive experience in developing and building major international airports such as Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and the Quito International Airport.

Supported by Aecon and significant Project financing, Skyport will have greater resources at its disposal, which will enable it to provide a better experience to those travelling to and from Bermuda. Skyport will also work to develop exciting new airline routes for Bermuda.

Now that construction is underway, residents and the travelling public will see heavy equipment and an increasing number of workers on the project site.

The new terminal will start welcoming travellers to Bermuda in 2020.

Premier, the Hon. Michael Dunkley, JP, MP, said: “This groundbreaking marks the beginning of an exciting time for Bermuda. The next 40 months will see the introduction of hundreds of jobs and career opportunities for Bermudians as we build the new airport terminal that Bermuda so desperately needs.

“I would like to thank everyone involved; we have secured a deal which allows us to build a state-of-the-art airport terminal with no new debt. This will enable us to maintain our vital access to the rest of the world and to secure Bermuda’s reputation as a premier travel destination.”

President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Commercial Corporation, Martin Zablocki, said: “We are very pleased to be working with the Government of Bermuda to deliver a world-class airport terminal, which will serve as the gateway to Bermuda. We look forward to working with Bermuda to use Canadian expertise in delivering this project of national importance, that will provide benefits to Bermudians both for now and generations to come.”

Steve Nackan, President, Aecon Concessions, said: “We are honoured to be able to work with Bermuda on such a historic project. Over the past two and a half years, we have developed many relationships with Bermuda’s businesses, people and community and we look forward to building on these as we get to work this week. We are not only invested in Bermuda’s airport but also in its future.”

Aaron Adderley, President of Skyport, said: “This is the beginning of a new era for Bermuda’s air travel experience and we’re happy that Skyport will be helping to shape it. The new terminal will allow us to provide more services in a more efficient way to our visitors and residents and will help ensure that Bermuda has a facility that meets today’s industry standards.”

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