Eff-Tech Introduces Mitsubishi Electric MSY-HM Series Cool-only Air Conditioners

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Efficient Technologies Bermuda Limited (Eff-Tech) today announces the introduction of Mitsubishi Electric MSY-HM Series cool-only air conditioners to the company’s line up of cooling products. Eff-Tech is the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating solutions in Bermuda.

This new line of cool-only air conditioners offers the largest range of Btu/h capacities available on the market: 9,000/12,000/15,000/18,000/24,000 Btu/h. The units are energy efficient, whisper-quiet and allow the user complete control of temperature, fan speed and other functions at the touch of a button.

This product includes Mitsubishi’s Blue Fin anti-corrosion coating on the condenser coil that helps to reduce corrosion, a real advantage in Bermuda’s harsh climate. Washable filters improve air quality and save money by helping to keep the unit efficient. As with all Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners, this new product line is reliable with a comprehensive 10-year warranty when installed by Eff-Tech’s trained technicians.

Stephenie Talbot, Client Support Specialist of Eff-Tech, says: “These air conditioners are a perfect fit for Bermuda’s needs. They will hold up well in our environment, which can be hostile to less robust units. They are quiet and reliable ensuring customized cooling for a wide variety of customer requirements. As they are cool-only systems, Eff-Tech is able to offer them at a very competitive price but still with the same high-standard offered by Mitsubishi on all its products.”

Eff-Tech is able to design, install and maintain Mitsubishi Electric heating, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC) solutions to create energy-efficient buildings and homes while improving comfort and reducing costs for owners.

For more information on the MSY-HM series as well as other Eff-Tech products and services, please contact Stephenie Talbot at 249-3571 or stalbot@efftech.bm to arrange a site visit and quote.

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