Argus Sponsors Two Motorbikes for Safe Riding Programme

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Argus today announces the sponsorship of two 50cc Peugeot Tweet motorbikes to the Argus-B//moto Advanced Rider Training Programme that was recently launched at Berkeley Institute.

The programme teaches participants best practices for road safety and is in support of the concept of graduated licencing for motorbike riders. The sponsored motorbikes will be available to participants to use for training. The programme includes 10 hours of training, split between off-road, in classroom, and on-road instruction.

To date, 50 students have enrolled for the first set of classes. Five students at Berkeley Institute have completed a trial of the programme. Those who complete the programme will be interviewed six months, one year and 18 months following completion to evaluate the effectiveness in reducing road accidents.

Antoine Richards, who runs the B//moto Programme, says: “I would like to thank Argus for their generous sponsorship. These bikes allow students who may not own their own bike to participate in the programme while they are still in school.”

John Doherty, Executive Vice President, Property & Casualty, The Argus Group, says: “Argus is a strong advocate for road safety in Bermuda, and this programme is an important first step in preparing young drivers to be safe drivers. The sponsorship of these motorbikes will ensure that all students are able to participate and none are otherwise disadvantaged because they don’t have a bike to use. The students can complete the programme, learn new skills and be ready to drive on Bermuda’s roads in a safe manner.”

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