What is BermudaWired?

Quite simply, we are Bermuda’s ONLINE News Magazine, dedicated to: Technology, politics and people! Bermuda Wired was officially launched in early August 2009 having been the concept of four years of consideration and vision.

We focus on publicizing news stories and content related to technology, politics and people in the island of Bermuda.

Bermuda Wired is not affiliated with any organization, political, corporate, or otherwise. This allows us to remain neutral and independent.

Who we are

Tari Trott……………………….. Acting Editor-in-Chief

Elin Simmons-Francis…….. Columnist / Editorial consultant

All ideas, tips and story information should be sent to: info[at]bermudawired.com.


It is our mission to protect the right to free speech in Bermuda and internationally, hold those who have unchecked power accountable, provide useful information to the tech-savvy public, and to act as the advocate of last resort for Bermuda’s community.

Our news reporting abides by the Code of Practice set by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) in the United States. (See Ethics Code).


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