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Aged Care – It Has a Right to Exist

Taking care of an aged person is a complicated and demanding task. Moreover, in most cases, no relative can provide professional care and support. Especially when an aged person is suffering from a complicated mental or physical condition and isn`t able to live independently, it is strongly recommended to send him/her to sanctuary Manors community aged care. There, qualified specialists will provide your dear one with the needed support and treatment.

There Are Different Options Available

Depending on the condition of the aged person, you can request one of two options:

  • Home care
  • Residential care

As you can guess, a home care means, that the aged person stays at home. You agree with our specialists on the schedule of visits and the support that they will need to provide. Other than that, an elderly person will have a normal routine and a usual environment.

Residential care, however, means, that your dear one will have to move to the residential care in Southport. In most cases, this is a decision, that is complicated for both sides: the aged person and his/her relatives. However, there are cases, when it is absolutely necessary.

Residential Care Options

Residential care option has its specifics, as well. Different people live in a Sanctuary Manors community aged care facility for different reasons.

Some of our patients have dementia. For them, trusted Dementia care in sanctuary Manors is the best solution. There, elderly people live in a safe and comfortable environment under the constant supervision of our medical staff.

When an aged person is getting near his or her passing, he/she can be sent to a Southport palliative care facility. There is no need to mention that such kinds of people are usually those who are suffering from incurable conditions that cause pains or other discomforts. Our specialists make all possible to make their lives as decent and pleasant, as it is possible in the given conditions.

Respite care is an option for those who want to take a break from daily routine and enjoy something else. Your dear one goes to our facility for a week or two, and you can have some rest.

Activities Are Provided

Don’t think that aged people are just locked in Sanctuary Manors community aged care facility. They can enjoy different activities, such as walks, including wheelchair walks, bus trips, visits, hobbies, different leisure activities, gardening, massage, pets, listening to music and watching movies and many other.

Are these activities available when aged people are at their homes? Can you provide your dear one with all these options? And in a Sanctuary Manors community aged care facility, they can do many things, as well, they can learn many new things.


Sometimes, an aged person would live a more complete life, saturated with emotions and new experiences in an aged care facility rather than at home. In some cases though, the presence of an aged person in such a facility is the only option to improve his/her physical and mental condition and to create an appropriate environment for sick people. That’s why aged care facilities are crucial in our society today.

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